How to publish Prestashop products in WordPress

Did Prestashop Display
WordPress plugin

Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

Prestahsop products in WordPress

With the plugin Did Prestashop Display you can import data from products from your Prestashop directly in your WordPress.

Did Prestashop Display uses the Prestashop Webservice API to obtain the data of your products. The data obtained are: Price, offers, main image, short description, Product name and link to the product.

The objective of this Plugin is to create banners or links to generate CTAs dynamically. CTAs are generated using simple Shortcodes.

The operation is very simple. Simply create your products in your Prestashop, locate their ID. Then in your WordPress create your page or post and place a Shortcode. One of the parameters will be the product ID.

Shortcode example ...

[pd_product id=XX domain=0]

You will get a result similar to this ...

It's that simple!

Main features Did Prestashop Display

The main advantage of Did Prestahsop Display is the ease with which you can generate banners and CTAs. With Simple Shortcodes. But there is also a Stock control.

Stock Control

Thanks to Stock control the links generated will never send your traffic to a product without Stock. The traffic is redirected to the Home of your Prestashop (in the case of the FREE version) and to the main category (in the case of the PRO version). The same will happen in the event that the product does not exist or is inactive.

This process is generated dynamically, it means that once the product is in Stock or available again, the link to the product is dynamically reestablished.

Modify CSS and HTML

Another interesting feature is the ability to modify the graphic appearance of the banner. In the FREE version you can modify it using external CSS, and in the PRO version you can also extend the HTML so that you can modify the silly output as you want.

List of alerts

In the PRO version there is available an alert system in which we can monitor the banners with some type of incident as Product without Stock. This helps us monitor the status of the banners.

Features of the FREE and PRO version

FREE version : This version is fully functional and has the main active functions.

PRO version : This version contains all the features of the FREE version plus some extra features.

You can see a comparison of functionalities between versions in this link: Did Prestashop Display comparison between FREE and PRO

Get Did Prestashop Display

Did Prestashop Display is available in 2 versions, one FREE version that you can download for free at and another PRO that you can buy in ...

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