Featured Products. How to create featured products

Prestashop Module: Featured Products by ID

It is a module that will help you highlight products in various parts of your Prestashop.
Available at Prestashop Addons


  • Select the Hook (position to show the products)
  • Activate it.
  • Put a title Optional
  • Indicates a link Optional
  • Indica un link Opcional
  • Indicates how the link will open
  • The text of the link

Access settings

From the main menu.

Catalogue -> Featured Products by Ids

Select the Hook

Hooks are the positions where featured products will be displayed.

The product module featured by Id can be shown in the following hooks ...

  • Hook: leftcolumn = Right column.
  • Hook: home = At Home.
  • Hook: productadditionalinfo = In the product detail in the additional information area.
  • Hook: footerproduct = In the product detail footer.






Activate Hook

Select Yes to activate it.

Select a title

If you want a title to appear, write it. In the case of leaving it blank, no title will appear.

The module will detect the languages that you have activated in your Prestashop.

Indicates the products

Put the product IDs separated by commas ,
In the event that the ID does not exist, the product will not be displayed.

Indicate a link

In the case of wanting a link, put the link can be absolute or relative.


/ contact /

or ...


Indicates how the link will open

Select how you want the link to open, in another window or in the same window.

Put the text of the link

In this part you can write the text you want to appear in the link.

Module for Prestashop

Featured Products by ID

Highlight products by their ID in various parts of your Prestashop.

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