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Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

Did Prestashop Display Prices

There is a Free version that you can download directly from , there is also available a PRO version with some extra features.

FREE - Gratis
0 €
diamond_25.png PRO
35 €
diamond_25.png PRO
89 €
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160 €
License until ...Unlimited1 Website3 Websites5 Websites
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Show External Prestashop Products.

Receive Prestashop product data using the Prestashop Webservice.

Show Prestashop products using Shortcode.

Show the products through a configurable Shortcode with various parameters.

Extend and customize the HTML template.

You can customize the output of the data by modifying the CSS and the output HTML.

Show products from different Prestashops.

With the PRO version you can get products from several different Prestashop.

"Default" values of the configurable Shortcodes.

With the PRO version you can customize the default values to be able to use your Shortcodes more comfortably.

Alerts for Sold Out / Deactivated Products / 404

In the PRO version, lists of those products that are out of stock, deactivated or eliminated are generated.

Output Customization for Out / Deactivated / 404 Products

In the PRO version, control of the exit link when the product is out of stock, is deactivated or has been removed from the Prestashop source. With this we avoid having broken links.

Trackable links.

Ability to track outbound links. To help you improve your web analytics.