Did Prestashop Display
WordPress plugin

Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

Did Prestashop Display
WordPress plugin

Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

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Did Prestashop Display - Setting

The setup process is very simple and is done only once.

Plugin configuration processes

The process consists of 2 simple steps, and in the case of the PRO version 1 ms for the activation of the license.

  • Enable Webservice in Prestashop
  • Assign the Webservice key + the Prestahop url in your WordPress
  • For PRO version: Activate the license to enjoy the extra functions.

Step 1 - Activate the Prestashop Webservice

In order for WordPress to be able to read Prestashop data, it is necessary to activate the Webservice.

What is the Prestashop Webservice?
It is an Api, a system to communicate. The plugin will request, through a URL, the information of the products. The Webservice will give the necessary information so that Did Presashop Display, mount the banners / links. This keeps the information always up to date.

Did Prestashop Display only needs to Read information, never overwrite information. Therefore in the Webservice we will only enable the reading column called GET .

How do I activate the Prestashop webservice?
Very easy. You go to the Prestashop that has to provide you with the information of the products, which is called the Prestashop Source, and you log in as Administrator.

Once inside the Prestashop ...

  • Laterla Menu -> Advanced Parameters -> Webservice
  • Click Add a new webservice class
  • We configure the options ...

Key: Click Generate! . Generate the Webservice key
Description: For example "Service for Did Prestashop Display"
Status: Yes
Permissions we will enable the column see (GET) ..

  • categories
  • images
  • languages
  • price_ranges
  • products
  • specific_prices_rules
  • specific_prices
  • stock_availables
  • taxes

Save and we have the Webservice configured! . The Key is the Key Service that we will use in the configuration in WordPress.

Step 2 - Assign the Key Service and the Prestashop url to WordPress

We already have the webservice activated. Now we will tell the Plugin Did Prestashop Display :
Where is our Prestashop Source and which is the Key Service

From our WordPress we enter as administrators:
Side menu - > Did Prestashop - > Configuration .

Complete the form with the fields:

  • Key Webservice: Insert the code that was generated from the Prestashop Source Webservice
  • URL: Indicates the url of the source Prstashop. Example:

Run the Connection Test.

When executing the Test, we are updating the connection data and performing a connection test, which will give us information about the test. The most important information would be the domian , highlighted in red. This data is necessary to create the shortcodes ...

We already have the Did Presstashop Display Plugin activated and ready to go!

Step 3 - Activation PRO version

This step is only necessary if you have acquired the PRO aversion with the extra features.

It is necessary to activate the license with the invoice number.

Once the PRO version is installed ... click on the Did Prestashop PRO - > Validate License option ...
Put the invoice number in the field Invoice number , click Register.

The license will be activated, your PRO version with all the extra features available.