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Did Prestashop Display
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Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

Generate CTA's dynamically

The Did Prestashop Display plugin generates CTAs through simple Shortcodes. Show dynamic banners of Prestashop products.

The banners / links generated, obtain the data dynamically from Prestashop, having updated the data such as stock, Price, Discounts, etc.
This is an advantage, since it allows you to have numerous product CTAs, with automated maintenance.

The CTA link is based on the stock of the product or its availability. This means that when a product does not have stock, the link will send to the main category of the product, thus avoiding lost traffic.

In the event that the product does not exist or is deactivated and the product category is unknown, the traffic is sent to the Prestashop Home.

The plugin Did Prestashop Display will facilitate the maintenance of your CTAs displayed in your WordPress.

Agile and simple

The creation of CTA's is done using simple Shortcodes.

Shortcodes have parameters to customize the output. It has a sufficient basic form to automate the data collection of your Prestashop. So indicating the product ID and the ID of your data source will be enough.

Did Presatshop Display , will keep the link of your CTA updated, to avoid directing traffic to an unwanted destination, for example when a product stops having Stock.

If the product is out of stock, traffic is redirected to the main product category.

Generate CTAs with this Plugin for WordPress ...

  • Publish Prestashop product banners in WordPress.
  • Generation of dynamic data: Prices, discounts and image.
  • Ideal for Generating Landing Pages and Top List, direct CTAs for sale.
  • Easy implementation using Shortcodes
  • Generation of alternative links when the product does not have stock or does not exist.

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0 thoughts on “CTA generator for WordPress

  • Paolo says:

    Hi, any way to show a random product from catalogue, or a random product from a specific category?

    Can be a very useful feature, thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paolo,
      Thank you for your suggestion.
      If it seems like an interesting feature. In fact, someone else has suggested something similar to me.

      It will undoubtedly be a new feature for future updates.

      Thank you.

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