Did Prestashop Display
WordPress plugin

Show Prestashop products in your WordPress. Dynamic banner generator.

Did Prestashop Display

Display Prestashop products in your WordPress, with dynamic banners. The banners or links update the data in an automated way, showing prices and stock in real time.

Plugin oriented to Digital Marketing

Banner generator and dynamic links to Prestashop products.

  • Ideal to generate landing pages or top list.
  • Banners updated dynamically (Price, image, discounts, etc.)
  • Alternative link generator for products without stock.
  • Perfect for generating calls to action.

Easy implementation

Simple implementation through shortcode. The shortcode has several parameters to configure the final result.

Free Version and PRO Version

FREE version available with basic functionalities. A PRO version with extended functionality is also available.

Get your WordPress Plugin: Did Prestashop Display - FREE Version - Free

  • Publish Prestashop product banners in WordPress.
  • Generation of dynamic data: Prices, discounts and image.
  • Ideal for generating Landing Pages and Top List, direct CTAs for sale.
  • Easy implementation through Shortcodes
  • Generation of alternative links when the product is out of stock or does not exist.